Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Double Zero

Hello everyone! Thong Jean's back. haha. I'm sorry for lack of updates recently. I was having my SPM trial exams and final exams for the past few weeks. I have been continuously updating my Instagram and Twitter about my current life trying my best to keep in touch with you guys. Please feel free to follow me there, that is if you want to, 'cause Im not sure whether I can blog that often for the next few weeks. SPM is in November, I have merely around 1 month to prepare for it. I'm getting nervous for this exam as loads of my teachers kept brainwashing us that this exam is of utmost important, well, it is. Much unfortunately, It's my last year in high school, Im not planning to study senior 3rd year. Cant believe that 5 years in my secondary have just passed so fast. You probably wonder why I don't stay for another last year in high school. It's because I want to focus on things and subjects that I love, we'll talk about this next time. 

Anyway, I really love my coordinate this time in this post! Scroll down and check it out! 

Photos by Yuen Loong

( Jersey top from Starlight Shop, Zara skort, Uniqlo men socks, Agape Boutique boots, Ray Ban Aviator from Glasses Online)

This coordinate is a black-white match and a little bit of blue. I love it so much, it doesnt go more than 3 colours. It's a sporty casual street look! These perforated litas from Agape Boutique you can wear it with socks or without socks. For me, I wear them with Uniqlo men socks to gain the sporty look, this actually inspired by 2NE1 and Girls Generation. Koreans love to wear it like that. You can also wear them with stockings or just put on your thinking cap and wear anything that can make the litas in your own way! You can of course wear them without socks, show off your legs, it'll look sexy. 

Oh and yes, I love this jersey so much till I actually bought another red one. Sporty elements are much in my favour since I get involved in sports a lot, probably one of the reason I'm always addicted to sport fashion.

Having a one week holiday right now while my juniors are still having their final exams. Good luck to you guys and all the best! Wish me good luck as well!

PS: Hype this outfit if you love it!

Thong Jean


C said...

Love it!
Beautiful photos!

Thong Jean said...

Thank you dear :)

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