Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Summer Sunflower

Attention! Reviving my blog in 3, 2, 1. Hello everyone! How's your holiday been? I hope you guys are doing great. Before going into my photos for this post, I have some confession to make.  To begin with, Im truly sorry for the zero update on my blog for quite a period of time. My friend, Vichy has recently just reminded me that I haven't been updating my blog for 3 whole months! That is totally insane! To me at least. Well, during the past three months, a rainbow colourful of things happened. First, I had my SPM examination which all SPM-ers went through an entire whole month to finish it. In between the papers, I actually did something really bold and high spirited/venturesome. I took part in a photoshoot and also made happen a birthday surprise by joint effort together for my BFFLz, Nat. Hmm, recalling the SPM days,  I think I did quite a great job as each paper had a big gap between them like 3 to 6 days. So after SPM, I went to dye my hair, as cliche as it sounds, got myself a brand new Macbook Pro, had an wonderful 4 days 3 nights class trip to Penang and went to Guangzhou for travelling and shopping. Got back from the cooling weather Guangzhou few days ago and by the time I was back in Malaysia, I felt as if it's like summer here. Oh and yes, going to Taiwan in a bit! 

So theme of the day, Sunflower Crop Top. Here are three ways to style this sunflower crop top.

High waist shorts. 

High waist skirt

Boyfriend jeans
 H&M Fedora // Sunflower crop top, high waist shorts and backpack from Starlight Shop15 // berets and leather skirt from China // H&M boyfriend jeans // litas from Agape Boutique // lips-shaped phone case from H&M

photos by my mysterious photographer

The Sunflower crop tee and the high waist shorts are sponsored by Starlight Shop15.  Meanwhile, litas are sponsored by Agape Boutique. I seldom wear a crop tee. One of the reasons is my mother disapproves and I'm also quite reserved to reveal my belly somehow. I must say, this is the first time Im out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I love this sunflower crop tee so much, it gives me a cheerful mood and I'm also a fan of floral patterns. Yes the main character in this post is the sunflower crop tee you've been seeing in all the pictures.  There are a handful of ways to match coordinates with a crop tee. In today's post, I've come out with 3 ways on how you can style your crop tee. How would you style it? Be sure to leave your ideas and opinions on the comment below :) Recently Im in love with boyfriends jeans. Its loose cutting is very cozy and edgy street style. Last but not least, not to be forgotten, the backpack! I love wings. *Fly~~* Anything with paired with wings!  

To sum up, Thong Jean's back and I'll be blogging more efficiently I promise! Got to go pack my luggage now! Taiwan, Im coming!

Thong Jean


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