Monday, December 30, 2013

100th post

 (H&M basic top, California Coconut Taiwan baseball jacket, Zara skort, Nike backpack,  wedges sneakers c/o Agape Boutique)

photos by Yuen Loong

You'd probably notice that my hair in this post is all black. These shots were taken quite a while ago. I miss my black hair very much. Frankly, although at first I love my brown hair but after a few weeks, my black roots start growing. This made me realise that black hair is my real colour. And I can feel original in it. Looking back at photos of myself in black hair, I think that's the real me. I might dye my hair back to black or perhaps a darker colour soon.  

Brought my backpack into the shoot. This backpack is very versatile I must say although it looks un-ladily bulky. This bag has always been my schoolbag back in my high school days. It belonged to my younger brother at first, then passed it to my father and then to me. So you could imagine how long lasting it is. I love this backpack. I could put loads of things inside including my laptop, my shoes and etc.. Maybe it is a bit big sized for me because it looks like a turtle shell from the back. Might bring it to my college next year. Oh next year, in just two days time.

  On the other hand, this is the 100th post on my blog! I reckon it will probably be the last post for year 2013. The next post will be the 101st post, perfect to welcome and to start the year of 2014. 2014 year will be literally different chapter of my life. My college life. 

How will you welcome the year of 2014? Share with me in the comment. I'll either countdown somewhere or stay in  home with family.

Thong Jean


Unknown said...

hey! dear, I love ur brown hair so much~~Gambeteh on ur 2014..wish u all the best...Blessing u@@

Thong Jean said...

thanks Jia Chi! All the best in year 2014 too! hope to see you soon :)

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