Monday, February 16, 2015

A Lucky CNY

It's the time of the year when I get to meet all my relatives and catch up with my cousins, when my mom sets up the lanterns at my front door,  when everyone in my household is getting into the festive spirit. Any idea what event I am talking about? Of course, I mean the Lunar New Year.

I always get excited when it's closer to Chinese New Year. This is because I always get to eat loads of good food. Not only that, it's also a chance for me to dress up more than usual when visiting friends or relatives' houses. The only downside is the dilemma I have every year in choosing what to wear. I don't have many bright or red clothes to fit into this season, which is a must on the first day of CNY. And of course, wearing all black is a no-no. However, I can't possibly dress festively throughout the whole of CNY. Hence, I tend to rely on jewellery to spice up my looks.

Just like on Valentine's Day, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with JEOEL for this favourite season of mine and show you guys some more tips and tricks on for the Chinese New Year. This year, JEOEL's CNY theme is Ruby Red and Citrine Gold Wishes. Keep scrolling down to see how I style these gorgeous jewellery pieces! 

Also, at the end of this blog post, find out how to win RM50 shopping vouchers from JEOEL. 

One of the most eye-catching set is the Believe in Butterflies jewellery set. It's feminine and elegant. On the other hand, the Sparkling Flowers rings is more colourful and fun. It reminds me of the moment when all the flowers bloom together during spring time, indicating the auspicious and opulent season. 

An iconic-looking set is the Lemon Danish set, with bright but also a classic look which is suitable to wear throughout the year. I personally like the citrine colour, which makes it unique next to gold, yet still simple and classy. This would make a perfect gift. 

The Claw-Pinched Rings that I was wearing in the picture above (top left) encompass Amethyst, Citrine and Rhodolite Garnet. They are versatile and easy to match. And just like in my Valentine's post, you can stack them up like how I did in the picture to add more dramatic effect to your look.

The rings above include Star-Kissed Halo ring and 2 Star-Kissed 3-stone rings, which are incredibly sparkly. The former's centre stone is a White Quartz, especially cut from underneath to look like a star is captured in the bright, translucent stone. As for the latter, it has two stones shining bright at the side. It's really gorgeous, delicate and sparklier in real life. 

My stacking ring game is strong here. I was wearing the Beads of Wisdom rings. I really love the how simple and delicate these rings are, allowing me to be more creative in stacking.

Since it's the year of Goat, I think it is a must to have something goat related; which is why for this cute little sheep here, it's its time to shine. I love how cute and intricate the design on this necklace is. What's more cute is that it's feet, ears and tail sway as you move. An absolutely adorable gift for girls no matter the age. And did I mention that it's limited edition?
It was a guilty pleasure to wear these Aurelia Bracelets, which I found out were made in Italy. It feels really luxurious to touch as it has great artisanal quality of craftsmanship. They are two different golds -- yellow gold and rose gold, suitable for the theme of this season. 

There's one thing that I adore about JEOEL's jewellery which is the design of their jewellery. Like these ones above, Memento Pendants, the design is clean and simple.  Their jewellery pieces are always subtle and not too loud. I'd love to wear these jewellery on a daily basis. They're simple enough to layer two of them for a chic and trendy look.

Not to forget about these ones here. We have Dots of Dreams and Wreath of Faith rings as well as the Philanthropist pendant. This pendant is supposed to channel the good qualities of a warm, giving and generous friend, and is the best choice when choosing a gift for your best friends. On the other hand, the Wreath of Faith ring is supposed to symbolise an undying faith that rises again and again. 
photos by Vichy Lim, Eunice Chew and Terrence Choong


Now, here is some exciting news. JEOEL was so kind as to sponsor a giveaway for all my readers.
How lovely is that! We have five RM50 vouchers to be given away.

How to Win a RM50 JEOEL voucher:
1. Comment below this blog post about: 
- Which jewellery you like the most from, and 
- Why you like them 
- Leave your email along in the comment (so I can contact you). 
2. The most creative 5 comments will each win a voucher. 
3. The giveaway contest will run from 16th of February - 15th of March. 

You can visit this website to choose your favourite jewellery. If you'd like to see more of the CNY series, you can also click here.

   Good luck with writing your comments! I can't wait to read all your comments, so make sure you let your creativity flow. Last but not least, GONG XI FA CAI! May the year of goat be an auspicious and awesome one for you! (And if you don't want them, you can give all your red packets to me ;D )

Thong Jean


Unknown said...

Wow! I must said those pic is really nice and attractive! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Joeeeyeeee said...

Jean, you looks gorgeous!! You did a great job=) For me, I aint a typical girl, rings and piercings not really my style but that cute little sheep really caught my attention. It is so cute!! I all the small and delicateness things for example, charms. The size of the sheep is just nice and the colour look perfect too. It isn't too goldish or too dull. All the designs matched my own Golden Ratio. Haha!!

=Greenleaf-Y= said...
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=Greenleaf-Y= said...

Dear Jean,
Simply looking great and glamorous. My favourite item on JEOEL will be the Leafy Pensive Ring. First, the name of this jewelry is tally to my name, Greenleaf. Maybe that's the reason it seems to be appealing to me. Yet, it makes more sense to the theory of attraction which a mobile "leaf" is being attracted to another. I hope to get this ring to complete my collection of leaf as well. Every girl has a dream of jewelry collection, neither of me. Hope to win the voucher and get that ring as well.

Kind Regards,
Wen Hui.

Joeeeyeeee said...

Btw my email address is =)

Nathalie said...

The one I like the most is the rose quartz We Caught Love ring. Since my fingers are slimmer than most, I love wearing daintier rings but they don't attract much attention; it's almost like I'm not accessorizing at all! That's why I like this one. While the overall design is delicate but its heart-shaped jewel is so eye-catching.

Unknown said...

Hey, gorgeous!
So, the jewelry that I most adore is Beads of Wisdom rings. I love how delicate and tender the rings are, it will be easy for me to stack the rings as they all have a fine structure. Yet, I can match the rings with my outfit in different kinds of way too. I’m a person that reveres simplicity, therefore, this set of jewelry is just the right one for me. The name ‘Beads of Wisdom’ really do enhance the image of the ring and make it looks more noble (marketing strategy to attract girls like me I supposed) =) Really hope to have that chance to win the voucher and my ‘wisdom ring’.
PS: Looking good in every picture. <3


Gаbrieℓℓe Lee said...

My favourite piece from Jeoel must be Memento Pendants. The necklaces are really simple but yet sophisticated when 2 pieces are worn together. I like how I can wear this on a daily basis, formal or casual occasions. This piece comes handy with my minimal fashion style, giving a touch of 'fun' into something plain. I love Jeoel's jewelries in general because they are classy and unique yet sold in such a reasonable price. I hope I could win the voucher so I could share the beauty of Jeoel with my girl friends too. :)

Unknown said...

Hello my dear,
I'm falling in love with We Caught Love rings series at my first glance! Guess what? My eyes and heart are totally caught by them! The collection of jewelleries from JEOEL are amazing, stylish and unique, the most important is I love them so much!!! :) Also, they are selling with affordable prices so I won't miss the chance to grab one for myself!
Dear (J)aunty, (E)legant, (O)verarching, (E)ye-catching, and (L)ovely JEOEL, I really hope that I can win the voucher and my beloved ring. Thanks!

Unknown said...

My email :
thanks :)

SGRMSE. said...

Who takes your photos, Jean? Much naiiiis (':

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