Saturday, November 14, 2015


Shanghai 22nd of June - 25th of June 2015 

This was before my Penang trip. My father needed to go to Shanghai for business purposes hence I requested to tag along. We literally bought our air tickets a day before our flight. Whilst he stayed at the office most of the time, I was roaming around the city with one of the staff as my tour guide.

I had been to Shanghai when I was younger and this was my second time there. It was a whole new experience for me this time. As what I’ve always believed in - you get to learn different things at different stages in your life, even whilst in the same places. I had always wanted to visit this big city again after attending so many history classes back in high school, to re-visit places in Shanghai and to witness how this big city grew over time. Shanghai, apart from being one of the world’s most important financial centres, it also holds significant historic value. I remember standing in the middle of The Bund (or Waitan) overlooking the historical buildings, urging me to recall the scenes from the movies like Empire of The Sun (1987) and The Crossing (2014).  It just felt surreal to be there. The feeling was so strong, I had to go to The Bund two days in a row. The Fairmont Peace Hotel is one of the buildings at The Bund. I went into the hotel and I had a good history lesson there. 

Besides The Bund, I also visited Tianzifang where I commissioned a Chinese paper cutting of my family portrait and walked around some gigantic shopping malls. There are many designer brands in Shanghai that have unique architecture and buildings which absolutely caught my attention. Not to forget, I finally got to see Candilac for the first time. I always hear the word ‘Cadillac’ in songs but I had never got a glimpse of it in KL. However, in Shanghai, I saw a lot.  On a different note, throughout the trip, my tummy was never empty. I was constantly walking, taking pictures and eating during my trip. In addition, my cravings for Xiaolongbao were fixed whilst I was there. 

The trip was short but sweet. I didn’t get to take many outfit photos which I regret. Nevertheless, do enjoy the pictures I took of buildings and pretty little things I found along the street. Unfortunately, it was gloomy during my stay there. Hence, despite how much I’ve tried to edit the clarity, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower still appears quite blurred in the pictures. 

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Lim Thong Jean 


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