Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update - iPhone photos

The month of June 2016 was intense but I'm just glad that this madness is over now. Looking back, I had no idea how I survived through the SWOT vacation. For those who don't know, SWOT vacation is a one week study break we're given before exams. 

I had my first three commerce papers on the first two days right after SWOT vacation; an insane exam timetable that had become infamous among our seniors. After the 3 papers, I had more or less a fortnight to study for my final law paper. My first ever exam I had in uni ended last week. After that, my parents came over to visit me and, currently, we are on a road trip to Mornington Peninsula with friends whom I met in Melbourne. 

Anyway, that was just a short update of my life after being away for quite some time. Stay tuned for the next blog post!

Lim Thong Jean


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