Thursday, August 18, 2016

Japan photo diary


It's time to sum up my Japan trip last Autumn. There were way too many photos that I took throughout the trip so it took me sometime to sort all of them out. That's an excuse, though. But seriously, every single place in Japan is so photogenic. Moreover, instead of gallivanting around in city, I was in the suburbs the entire trip which made the trip more relaxing.  

First of all, I touched down in Osaka and took the bullet train to Okayama. Witnessed the beauty of foliage colour-changing. You can see those blog posts herehere and here
We ended our first night in an intimate Japanese restaurant where I had one of the best octopus dishes I've ever had in my life.
The next morning, I shot some photos of my outfit along the street in Okayama. Updated the blog post of this outfit here.
I went to Japan this time with my father to attend a company's annual corporate dinner. Good food means no complaints. 
The next day we went on a road trip from Okayama to Daikonshima. Stopped by a few touristy spots to get the view of Mount. Hiruzen.
Had lunch in a renowned Japanese Garden, Yuushien Garden. Blog post of this day here.
Later that night, I had one of the best BBQ meals of my entire existence. 
Seriously, the sauce for the BBQ meat was so good. And of course, the meal couldn't be completed without biru (beer). 
The following day, we went to a farm where I handpicked this gigantic pear. 
As well as this persimmon.
Had loads of fun at the farm!

Then, we headed to the first ever school in Okayama, Shinzutani school. 
Had a late lunch at a place with conveyor belt sushi. The size of the sushi was huge and pretty creative. I really liked the prawn plate that I had. 3 different types of prawns at one go!
The next day, we kept switching trains to reach our destination, Ogoto-onsen station. 
After having our lunch, we visited Ogura Shrine.
There was no one else there except us. It was so quiet and tranquil.
We literally had the whole place to ourselves.
We checked in our stay of the night. Oh my gosh, I had a major moment sleeping on tatami mats for the first time. It was surprisingly comfortable. 
Also, I spent way too much time bathing than I should have. But I had my valid reason; it was too cold to get out from the hot bath and the view when we bathed was stunning.  Sadly, we only got to stay here for a night. 
We went on a snack hunt before dinner. 
Dinner done right.
The 2nd last day of our trip, we visited Enryaku-ji. It is oneof the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was established by Saicho, also known as Dengyo Daishi, who introduced the Tendai sect Mahayana Buddhism to Japan from China.  
Had soba for lunch!
You can hear the synchronized noise of everyone slurping their soba. 

We headed all the way to Osaka after that because there was where we were going to take our flight. 
Roamed around Shinsaibashi till late night before going back to hotel to prepare myself for some major withdrawal syndrome. 
Last view of Japan before I flew back to Malaysia. 

It's such a long overdue post but I hope you guys enjoyed reading/looking at the photos!

Thong Jean Lim


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