Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Last Photos of Winter

(Uniqlo merino sweater and stockings, Asos Coat, H&M skirt, Chanel bag)

Daylight savings just begun, indicating winter is officially over. Flowers are blooming every where, colouring Melbourne City. I still have this set of photos from winter to post on the blog. Took this set after filming for Kylie Cosmestic Lip Kit swatches. Hence, the lip area is a bit reddish in the photo. Wearing True Brown K here. This is one of my fave coat purchases; it's a duffle coat but not so typical one, with only a few buttons, a neutral colour and faux fur around the hoodie and at the end of the both sleeves.

Uni has been hectic, hence the less frequent updates. Till the next post!

Thong Jean Lim


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