Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I first posted about my Redang and Perhentian trip with Jia Chi two years ago. I've always wanted to edit the footage I got from the trip but... I was too busy procrastinating. But guess what? I'm in week 9 of the semester now and assignments are piling up. Yet, all of sudden, I've decided to finally edit this video. If this is not my way of avoiding studying, I don't know what else is! I've always loved to do things irrelevant to studies when I'm not supposed to. At least this time, it was a productive activity. Another thing done in my life! 

I spent a total of two days to edit this 4 minute video. It was sort of my first time using iMovie. 

It meant so much to me when I actually completed uploading it to YouTube! My first YouTube video in ages after the Gwiyomi one, lol! 

I hope you guys enjoy watching it! Let me know how I can improve! 

Special thanks to my friend, Song Yong Low for borrowing me his GoPro! 

Onto doing my assignments now.

Thong Jean Lim


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