Friday, December 1, 2017

When spring was still here

(Turtleneck and Jeans from Uniqlo, Missguided pink bomber, Gucci pouch, Adidas kicks, Lovisa earrings)

Took this series of pictures when it was still spring in Melbourne. I was able to get rid of the thicker layers that I usually wear during winter. However, it was still rather chilly hence I still had to wear a turtleneck and a jacket to anticipate the possible coldness. The weather in Melbourne can be cold one day and hot another, especially during spring, and I might catch a cold or hay fever if I'm not careful.

This Gucci pouch has been hidden in my wardrobe for some time. The pink bloom prints made it feel so wrong to bring it out in other seasons besides spring or summer. So I'm really glad that I can finally bring it out to see the light. When it is spring, light pink is always my favourite colour for the season, hence I opted for this pink bomber as my outerwear. 

That's all for this post. Since I'm back in Malaysia, I have more free time on hand. Hopefully I'll get to update this site more often!

Photos by Chan Kaiyiu, editing by me. 

Thong Jean Lim


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