Sunday, August 5, 2012

USA Tank Top

So sorry for da lack of updates . I think I have not been updating my blog for three weeks . You know what , I just hate this . I feel so guilty whenever I see my blog without updates . I know exactly the feeling of reading a blog without updates 'cause I read blogs too. I hate seeing my favourite blogs without updates . I am truly sorry, to my loyal blog readers . And I promise to update my blog more often . I swear ! 

I just finished school exam this week . Well, I actually lost track of time . But what I know is -- tonight is the badminton final! ! 
Our Dato' Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan tonight ! 
I have to publish this post as soon as possible 'cause Im sure the entire Malaysia will be sitting in front of the TV to watch the finals ! Am I right ? And I know you're also one of them to be sitting in front of the TV later at 8 pm ! GO LEE CHONG WEI GO GO ! 

Okay , Im wearing Team Malaysia jersey right now , supporting Lee Chong Wei ! 
But , this post is full of USA flag tank top pictures . I know it's kinda inappropriate, but please dont mind okay ? This series of pictures were taken during the last school holiday . I know it was soooooo long ago . haha , my bad . My photographer kept urging me to post them up ! 
sooooo, VOILA !  

Caption for this photo : I truly respect ppl who stay strong. 
Acting as paparazzi . 
I think I have the potential to become model lollll . 
My muscle leg .
I simply just love this tank top . 
( photos taken by my mysterious photographer , edited by me )

I have to state that this series of pictures was taken during last holiday  , that's why I look fatter last time compared to now ! I have no idea how I lost weight lol XD

P.S.: watching badminton men double just now !  was so nervous until I can hardly type  ! kinda sad but nvm .
Watching women marathon now , how I wish I could take part in international marathon in the future . Later must watch Lee Chong Wei no matter what ! You're every Malaysian's hope ! That's all for this time. Bye


♥“葶”止一切,回头望望♥ said...

Seriously, no other words to describe you ,but PRETTY IN A STRONG WAY haha .. maybe its because of the photos :P

Thong Jean said...

Aww thanks Yee Ting ! :)

Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Awesome Look! Awesome Post! Awesome Photos!
Eveything seems so AWESOME & BRILLIANT!
Jean! You've done such a great job!
Keep it up! Looking foward to your next post! =)

Thong Jean said...

Thanks so much 宙斯 !

★J3SSiE★ said...

wow jean u really gt the potential become model lar
take de photo all so got 气质 ! :)

Thong Jean said...

Thanks Jessie ! *happy*

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