Sunday, September 9, 2012


(Wine red hat & denim jacket from Taiwan , Forever 21's white tank top , Romp's high waist short , Nose's heels)

photos and edits by Guan Yuan 

It's September . Lol , everyone knows it . Having our year end exam during the end of September. It can be described as the most important exam throughout the whole year in 2012 in my school . And I really need to work hard smart for this . I dont want to regret anything after exam for being lazy , it's such a loser thing . So , Imma fight for it .But , exam , you're seriously driving me nuts.

I like subjects such as history , English , Chinese ,  geography , bookkeep, HTML, Science , PE, Arts , etc. I dont mind to take exams for those subjects . The remaining subjects which I didnt mention are thorns in my flesh . 

Right now , Im actually thinking about my schedule plans after exams . It makes me laugh and feel so free just by imagining that .
  Ah , just imagine that. 

PS : It's my first time doing this kind of style . What do you guys think and which photos are ur favourite?


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

The one before the last one, it was so nice that almost can become a magazine cover. xD
What can I say? You done a great work again, Jean! :D

Angela羽荨 said...

i like all of them>.<

Thong Jean said...

woah , i know right ? too stylish! ( being self-obsessed XD LOL)
by the way , thanks , 宙斯 !! :)

Thong Jean said...

AWWWWWW , thanks so much <3 :)

Nicholas ONG said...

sexayyyy :D

Thong Jean said...

haha thanks !

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