Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Street Swag

It's my first time doing street photoshoot and it was indeed a good experience . Though there are a lot of pedestrians kept looking at us but we've successfully ignored them , tough job . My mysterious photographer and I took this series of photo at Bukit Bintang and it was on public holiday so you can imagine how crazy the crowds were .  We tried to shoot at the zebra crossing between Star Hill's Sephora and Pavillion but it somehow failed due to flooding pedestrians there and I was like being drown by the crowds . I guess I'd walked across, to and forth the zebra crossing around 5 times . That of course caught some attention, and to my astonishment, there was a stranger holding an antique film camera that requested to take photos of me . At that moment , I was quite shocked and I thought I posed quite awkward lol . Right after , the stranger went away , my photographer and I immediately burst into laughter because the situation was really awkward  .

30 pictures for this post , hope you guys enjoy them :)
Oh my gosh , what is the yellow shirt guy doing?
One of my fav shots .
One of my fav shots too !
I love this the most .
Also , one of my fav shots :)
A stranger who was holding an antique film camera requested to photograph me . ( which I've already mentioned above) 

( Official One of A Kind t-shirt from YesAsia , H&M galaxy tight skirt , bag and shoes from Sungei Wang , Rayban sunnies , spiky bracelets from Foruchizu , Casio vintage watch)

photos by my mysterious photographer 

Congratulations to you! Finally reached the end of the post after strolling through 30 of my street style photos  . 
Overall , I think I look ... cool . The One of A Kind t-shirt was a gift from my brother . He said the size is too small for him . Yay for myself . It was bought from the website , you can click here if you feel interested to purchase . Of course , I do think that the t-shirt is expensive . But it was a gift from bro so I just accepted it lol . Costed him about rm120++ for this t-shirt. 

Sorry to say something self-obsessive,  but I love myself in this look haha . 

So what do you guys think ? Like the photos ? Which pics are your fav ?

Thong Jean


Unknown said...


Sherly said...

Nice post! love your outfit ;)

Thong Jean said...

woahhh thankksssss Yearon hahhah XDDDDD

Thong Jean said...

Awwwwww thanks ! ;)

Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Some of the photos just like you stalked by a paparazzi. xD
Anyway...good SHOT!

Thong Jean said...

hahaha really ?? YAY !! haha XD

Thank you , Shin Rong !! :)

Yunshin said...

Hi there, rmb me? :)
Yeap, to Shin rong's comment.
Especially those with blurry background.
I heart the last one particular, it looked so casual yet great ;)

Thong Jean said...

Of course I do remember you !
hehehe is it ? thank you yeaaaa XD
Thank you again :))))) :DDD

sharon said...

love your style! and you are getting prettier :)

Yuen Loong said...

A big star making her way down the streets.
Swag looking in shades,
Love the shots, Very cool post.

Thong Jean said...

Sharon ! Long time no see :)

Thong Jean said...

hehehe muah :)

AMELIAAA. said...

hey may i know what shoes you are wearing? and you said you bought at sungei wang? can i know which shop? thank you :)

Thong Jean said...

Yup , i bought it at Sungei Wang. 6th floor , it's a boutique which sells clothes ,shoes and some accessories . Cant remember which shop sorry ! Im not sure they still selling them or not ><

AMELIAAA. said...

Okay thanks for replying this. You are so kind ;) I actually followed you on instagram and your photos are gorgeous. ;)) ��

Thong Jean said...

You're welcome :) aww that's sweet , thanks <3 hehe

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