Sunday, March 16, 2014

✿ Spring ✿

photos by Yuen Loong

( Sweater c/o @uniqe_que instagram, Topshop shorts, Ray-Ban Aviator from Glasses Online, boots c/o  Agape Boutique, Skagen watch)

Last Wednesday, De Fashionista Club took the initiative to have a dress code every Wednesday in the college. So last week's dress code was BLUE X WHITE. It somehow inspired me to do this look. Of course, I didn't wear this to college. Students at my college aren't allowed to wear shorts, or anything short. I wore this on the other day instead. Am in love with this sweater, it has cutout at the side of the shoulders which make it looks like crochet but technically it isn't. It's so lovely and makes me feel like spring right now although my country is one with whole year summer. But trust me, this sweater is suitable to wear in this hot weather because the cutouts have good wind circulation, you get me?

Shoutout for this Topshop shorts. My boyfriend bought me this awhile ago and it's my first ever item from Topshop! The shorts are actually high-waisted. Its cutting is so perfect. I think I would wear it for a really long time and even pass it down to my daughter? 

Oh and yes, the watch is one of my birthday presents from my parents. It has Swarovski crystals. It's a white watch meaning I have to take good care of it to make sure it won't get dirty easily.

Last but not least, these boots from Agape Boutique are super comfy and I mean it. You can definitely trust me because I weren't wearing socks inside the boots yet I didn't have the gooey sweaty feel wearing them. Besides that, for people like me who can't really walk on heels for long time, this pair of boots are an exception. 

Thong Jean


Nathalie said...

I still think black hair suits you the best! :)

Thong Jean said...

Agree with that Nat :)

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